Sunday, August 31, 2014

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Cancer Survivor
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It's 5 years of being cancer free and I am an official cancer survivor... I am still feeling phenomenal and my bladder is perfect... Again, no sensations of urgency, no tingling, no frequency, no burning and best of all, never getting up at night (unless the the dog or my wife try and wake me) and most of all, not fearing it coming back and I wrote a book detailing how I did it here: 
How am I doing it???
I am eating an all organic vegan diet and splurge every once in a while... When I do cheat, I then feel either tired, lethargic, bloated, indigestion, achy, headachy, moody and any or all of these by eating those foods, I then limit myself as to not feel as bad while still enjoying anything I desire but I found that being stress free is just as important as eating clean foods to minimize their impact... I am trying, sometimes day by day or hour by hour or minute by minute to keep my stress to a minimum, with the help of prayer of coarse...

Thank you for reading my blog and please check out my earlier posts listed here or in the link near the bottom of the page for my earlier posts, my videos, full story and information:

     My Recipe to Cure Cancer   *

My first youtube video on how I became 
a cancer escapee:

I am currently involved with The Cures in Cleveland Resource Group which is a 
non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed to provide support and educate all on the nutritional and spiritual options to allow the body to heal from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many other serious illnesses...
Please check out our website and 
thank you for your support... 

The Quest for the Cures - 

A Story of Heartache to Hope

By the way, no new posts or news is great news... 

Just busy enjoying a cancer free life and promoting my 
BOOK to help others beat cancer also... 

Get it here at:

*Cancer is curable - Full length documentary:

Why do people get Cancer???

People get cancer from lack of information... Therefore, please read and watch ALL the information contained in my blog and more to equip yourself to either cure or prevent cancer naturally in your life...

Seeds of Death - Full Movie

"Are Cancer Cells Sugar Addicts?" article

My recipe to cure all cancer link


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