Thursday, August 2, 2012

Perfectly Clear...

I did it ;-)

Today I had my last cysto (ouch) at the Cleveland Clinic... I watched along as the doctor tried to find something other than a few scarred areas from previous biopsy's... Nothing!!! It showed a perfectly clear bladder as I expected... Then he checked my prostate for equal measures... All good!!! I told him everything I did to beat my cancer and he was speechless... I know he was expecting to find at least something... The same doctor that told my wife after my cysto this past December 16th, I was in a dire situation and textbook for an RC with Neobladder (that is where they take out the bladder, prostate, lymph nodes and ~4 feet of intestines to construct a new neobladder) (yep!!!) He then left the room to tell my wife that my bladder looked surprisingly good and clear of all cancer... I am now officially 100% bladder cancer free according to my Doctor... ;-) 


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