Sunday, December 9, 2012

Almost a Year Since???

It's almost a full year that I have been disobedient to my oncologist at the Cleveland Clinic by not having the RC and I am still 100% cancer free and feel phenomenal... And most of all, my bladder is perfect... Not one symptom or sensation of urgency, burning, frequency, or NOTHING.!!! I don't even get up in the middle of the night at all or rush when I first wake up... Best of all, I can eat whatever I want now... Of coarse I choose not to because of the side effects... However, I can still enjoy them whenever I want without worrying about my cancer coming back... Why, one might ask??? Because I am 100% healed and keep my body alkaline (PH of 7.5) 24/7... How, one might also ask??? Because I followed the diet 100% until I was 100%, I was 100% healed... and it did so in me because I did it 100% not 99.99%...  To kill cancer, you need to eat organic green vegetables only (juicing them is best)... However, it is way beyond eating just alkaline foods..... Doing just the alkaline diet alone without dealing with your personal stress which creates acidosis in the body and lowers the PH (like immediately as in me), the cancer keeps growing... Its not an either or, or a little here or there... It's all or nothing... Its all about what, how, when and why you do it until the cancer in gone... 

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